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Our Juice Journey

Detox Juice is a Denver-based juice bar owned by Brian and Karen Luksich. We are an active husband and wife business team with a newborn, a toddler and two Labrador Retrievers who love to keep us busy and outdoors.

We started juicing on a consistent basis while living in Aspen during 2018 and immediately started to feel the positive effects. Almost immediately after beginning a juicing regimen, we noticed improved brain function and vastly increased stamina and energy. We decided to continue drinking juice and reduced our intake of processed foods and continued to feel great. Additional benefits we noticed were healthier nails and clearer skin, improved mood and a shorter recovery time after hard workouts. On a personal note, we had also been struggling to get pregnant for quite a while before we started juicing. We had a realization that our nutrition and habits were not where we wanted them to be. We believe that improving our nutrition and increasing our intake of fresh fruits and vegetables played a big roll in helping us finally get pregnant, twice! 

We think it's important for us to share our story about getting "back to the basics" and further exploring what nature intended us to put into our bodies. In our opinion, boosting our nutrition has made a huge difference in our mental and physical health and gives us more energy to focus on the things that are important to us! And we hope it does for you too! We are thrilled to be doing our part to share our juicing experience with others who may not yet be aware of the benefits of juicing, as well as serve those who already juice. 

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